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Open 3 by YorieOfTheCastle

Feel free to scroll through my gallery first, tho I have provided examples of the different "types" of artworks I can supposedly create. I work digitally and offer sketches, inked pieces, coloured works (cell shade and "painterly") and ofc, paintings. While my forte is korean elf girls, I draw both fanart and original stuff.

Currently I accept payment only through Paypal in USD.

If you have any questions after skimming through the journal, leave them in the comments below! \(^O^)/

Contents: Preamble; Bust, Half, Full; Story-driven illustrations; Ref sheets; Character designs; Chibi; "Can do"s and "cannot"s; Files, payment/refunds; Usage babble; How to commission and how the process goes; Deadlines and waiting list; Previous commissions.

BUST - down to around the ribcage or a bit below it 

Sketch - ($10)  
Bust Sketch 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Sketch 2 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Sketch 3 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Sketch 4 by YorieOfTheCastle
/ Moon, a character of mine / Sun, a drama queen / Calantha / ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ /                  

Inked - ($17 ($10+$7)) 
  Bust Ink 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Ink 2 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Ink 3 by YorieOfTheCastle
/ -=- / Obligatory demon character / Obligatory nekomimi /

+ Colouring:
 Cell shading - ($3)                 or Regular shading - ($5)
  (sharper, simpler, more cartoony) (relatively softer, more detailed, more realistic)
   Bust Cellshade 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Regularshade 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Cellshade 2 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Bust Regularshade 2 by YorieOfTheCastle
/ Sketch x 2 / Ink x 2 /
+ Background - $2 to $5 depending on the complexity. A solid colour or a gradient or something of the sort is for free. \(^O^)/
(So, for an example, Ink+Cell+No bg=$20, k?)

Painting - ($55) 
Frog Portrait by YorieOfTheCastle--- Dragon Age: Origins - Morrigan by YorieOfTheCastle---Untitled 17/08/17 by YorieOfTheCastle
/ --- / Morrigan, Dragon Age / --- / 

+ Background - $5 to $15 depending on the complexity, blah, blah.

! Detailed characters (15 layers of lace and 40 ribbons or something of the sort) cost a slight bit more ! (ex. Jieun, scroll a bit down↓)
Prices per one character. The only exception is with paintings, where every next char is half the original price.

HALF BODY - around the knees (I know my measurements are off, just go along with it)

Sketch - ($15)  
Half Sketch 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Half Sketch 2 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Half Sketch 3 by YorieOfTheCastle
/ Death, receiving an unsolicited pic / Ayano, Yandere Simulator / Water

Inked - ($30)  
Half Ink 2 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Half Ink 1 by YorieOfTheCastle
/ --- / huehuehuehue.. I mean... Jieun, Dandelion /

+ Colouring:
Cell shading - ($12)      or Regular shading - ($15) 
Half Cellshade 1 by YorieOfTheCastle---Half Regularshade 1 by YorieOfTheCastle

Painting - ($90) 
The Witcher by YorieOfTheCastle- Winter Hunter Speedpainting by YorieOfTheCastle- Untitled 15/09/17 by YorieOfTheCastle
/ Geralt, The Witcher
+ Background $10 and up my dudes
! Detailed characters (100 meticulously placed golden buttons) cost a bit more !
Prices per one character. The only exception is with paintings, where every next char is half the original price.

FULL BODY - self explanatory

Sketch - ($25)  ;     Inked - ($55)  ;     + Colouring: Cell shading - ($17)   or Regular shading - ($20) 
Full Sketch 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Full Ink 1,2 by YorieOfTheCastle---Full Cellshade 1,2,3 by YorieOfTheCastle
[Apologies, these were meant to be inked and shaded from the start, so the sketch is a bit limp] / Unnamed magical team /

Painting - ($160 and up, up, up)   and your mom's credit card
Raven by YorieOfTheCastle--- Wraith Sisters by YorieOfTheCastle
/ Raven / Midday bride & Moonwraith, The Witcher /
Background $10 and up
! Detailed characters (7 skirts with 4 types of different frills each) cost more !
Prices per one character. The only exception is with paintings, where every next char is half the original price.

STORY ILLUSTRATIONS - Now this is where stuff gets tricky. I'd describe a "Story-driven illustration" as a piece that focuses on what is happening and not necessarily on how a character looks.
The prices, of course, vary greatly.
Sketch - ($40-$80)  ; Inked - ($70 - $130)  ; + Colouring (Cell/Reg) - ($40 and up) ; 
Storyillu Sketch 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Storyillu Ink 1 by YorieOfTheCastle---
(This one would be on the higher end) / Art collab in limbo /
Painting - Starting at ($120)   and progressively getting worse
Burning Hope by YorieOfTheCastle---Untitled 16/07/17 by YorieOfTheCastle---Shipwrecked at the Amusement Park by YorieOfTheCastle

REFERENCE SHEETS - ($45)  ; Includes full body front and back (OR 3/4 front and back), flat colours and a palette. More stuff can be included, like a side view, props, portrait, shaaaading, etc for an extra charge.
Ref Sheet by YorieOfTheCastle

- ($55)   Full body (front-ish) and a colour scheme. I can't do sci-fi, sorry :c 20% off a reference sheet, if it's for a character I've designed!
All characters I've used in example pieces without a label ("label" like The Witcher, Dragon Age, etc) have been designed by me. 
Chardesign by YorieOfTheCastle
Here are two quick designs, no direction, no prompts, first try
Chardes 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Chardes 2 by YorieOfTheCastle

CHIBI - Sketch - ($7)  ;  Inked - ($14)  ;  + Colouring (Cell, Reg) - ($6) 
Chibi Sketch 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Chibi Ink 1 by YorieOfTheCastle---Chibi Cellshade 1 by YorieOfTheCastle--- Chibi Regularshade 1 by YorieOfTheCastle

Eventually I'll get to Icons or something like that, but it ain't now.

As previously mentioned, I do fanart and original stuff. I can also work off a photo to include someone's likeness, for an additional $5 to $15 depending on the type of the commission. Mild nudity and suggestive/pin up works are a-ok. Gore and violence is more than welcome, because that makes sense, ye? I can draw mechas and stuff of the sort, but can't concept them, I'm more of a high fantasy kind of person.
I do not draw hentai or political stuff (unless it's funny, maybe). You could probably talk me into drawing a furry. Probably. Likely not.

(aka what do you get), PAYMENT & REFUNDS:
Chibis ~2000px on the short side, everything else ~4000px on the short side. Pngs. I can also provide transparent pictures for the sketches and the inks, in case you wanna colour them yourself or something idfk. Psds/kras optional, tho I will warn you that I don't actually keep that many layers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Everything is sent thru, since the files tend to get pretty big.

Prices are in USD, and the payment is sent through Paypal. For pieces $40 or less the money is sent after I've accepted your commission and everything has been talked over. For pieces up to $200, $30 after accepting, $40 after approved sketch, the rest after I've sent you a low res preview of the finished work. Above $200 - $40, $60, then the rest at the end or split up in two or more. 

There aren't really refunds, but if you don't like the finished product you just don't have to pay the rest of the price. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If for some reason I have to cancel a piece right after you've sent your payment, I'll return you the money.

USAGE (aka what you can do with your commission):
You can post the piece wherever you like (a link back to me would be appreciated, tho not necessary), you can print it out for yourself, draw over it, set it on fire, etc. You cannot sell it or use it for commercial purposes. If you want to do that, there will be an additional charge.
In return I can post it wherever I like, making sure it's labelled as a commission, but I won't sell prints or anything like that.

  • Shoot me a note or send me an email at with as much detail as possible regarding your piece. I'd prefer it if we could keep in contact through Discord for bigger pieces. (...or any piece, I don't mind)
  • For character art, references would be nice, tho I can work off of a description as well (I will not approach it like a character design however). I will also need to know some of their character (heh) or just a description of how they would act in a certain situation. //If the commission is for turning an animal or a chibi into a human/humanoid, I'll also need some details about body type and prominent features // For reference sheets I'll need at least one clear full body picture of the character, either front or 3/4 front. For pieces that include someone's likeness I would need a clear photo, somewhat close to what I'm supposed to be drawing. When it comes to character designs, if you have some inspiration photos you can send them over, but no "this shirt specifically, with these socks specifically, with this hairdo and hat specifically" thanks.
  • For paintings (except busts), story illustrations and character designs I will send you different compositions/designs and proceed with the approved one after revision, when needed. Then I will do colour compositions as well and we'll go through the same process. 
  • During the making of your piece, you can ask for a progress screenshot. Do keep in mind that my art doesn't look presentable until like 3/4 in. eks deee   I'd gladly even stream the process, but I don't think my computer could handle it :c
  • If you're paying incrementally, when the piece is finished I'll send over a small preview of the final artwork. After the last payment is received, the full version will be yours.
  • I will post some of the pieces to dA and other various social media, but scaled down and labelled as a commission. If you don't want that (ex. It's a present and you don't want the surprise to be spoiled) we could work something out. I also may or may not make a time lapse video of the work process. If you explicitly want or do not want a time lapse, make sure to tell me in advance.
First come, first serve, tho I like to work on a few things at once, so some might be finished before others.
After the details of the piece have been cleared up, I will give you a time frame of when the work will be finished (ex. "1 to 3 days"). If you are in a rush or have a deadline of your own, make sure to tell me. There is a total of 3 slots, if they are filled up you can have a spot on the waiting list (x3), meaning once a slot is open, you'll have priority. 

1. Eeeeeempty
2. Empty
3. Empty

Commission 28/09/17 by YorieOfTheCastle


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